Brain Sex

Yeah, you wish this was about sexual fantasies.....

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

More Musings on the eve of New Year's Eve

I really have a lot on my mind at present, and there a lot of things that I would like to discuss that I feel are of real importance; but right now I'm just too tired and need to laugh. In fact, we all need to laugh; and I think that the best source of generating this laughter is the one and only Dave Barry. If you have not heard of this guy (I'm sure some of you have), then let me introduce him to you. I'm sure once you get a taste of him, you will continually come back and want more and more of him. Here are just a couple of tidbits from his latest columns:

Got rig envy? Try Viagra

"You try to ignore these commercials. You tell yourself you don't need this product. But then you remember all those nights when, after a long day, you went into the bedroom, and your wife wanted you to -- in fact, practically begged you to -- throw the football through the tire. But you were ''too tired.''


"Also in your imagination there are pickup-drivin' guys outside the doctor's office, workin' on some kind of rig. As you drive up in your Camry, they give you noogies through your moonroof."

and, of course, you must read this one:

Feeling sick? Blame your computer!

"Because modern cyberspace is not the friendly, open, trusting, safe place it was back in February. Modern cyberspace is a deadly festering swamp, teeming with dangerous programs such as ''viruses,'' ''worms,'' ''Trojan horses'' and ''licensed Microsoft software'' that can take over your computer and render it useless."

Take it easy and enjoy some life while we have it. Happy New Year everyone...

Friday, December 26, 2003

Day after Christmas Musings and Observations

Once again I'm here at work (the day after Christmas) and so far have received 2 calls. That's pretty significant considering that on my normal shift (1pm - 10pm) I think my record so far is maybe 12 calls. Today I'm working 10am - 7pm because there are only 2 of us for the day. Oh, also I'm being laid siege by "xbox" agents. No, I'm not in a parallel universe of the "The Microsoft Matrix" (but again, maybe I am -- hmmmmmmmm..............get back to you on that one).

I work in a "call center" and we just hired anywhere from 200 to 1000 new "inbound call agents" (that's my illustrious title) for a newly acquired "xbox" account. Boy, I'm glad I'm not on that account! Anyway, I'm deciding here (with my usual, consistent, and characteristically normal) "down-time" if 1) I have anything important to report or comment on 2) if I don't have anything important, should I seek something of importance, and 3) if I actually do find something, do I really feel (i.e. have the energy) like reporting and/or commenting period! As you have probably surmised here so far, I have either the gift or curse of "thinking out loud". I'm not sure if this is a disorder or a clandestine personality trait of genius. You see, Freud (or as "Bill and Ted" would affectionately say "Frood") if he ever had his chance to "psychoanalyze" (or lobotomize) me would have to conclude that I am -- abnormal.

We ARE really getting into some REAL "Brain Sex" here aren't we boys and girls. I guess I would eventually get around to this. Why not now. Freud (with the exception of his ingenious model of the "Id, Ego, and superego") is one of the masters who is really responsible for screwing up this world we currently live in. Boy, I could write a book on this to express how I really feel. But, I HATE WRITING PAPERS! Probably why after 5+ years, and possibly 200+ college credits the only "sheepskin" I possess is a A.A. in Liberal Arts. My dad completed up to his masters, but quit pursuing his doctorate because; he too hated writing papers. Looks like I inherited that same gene.

I could get into the MBTI and the fact the I turn out to be an ENXP (huh!), but I'll leave that for another time. Also that I am have been properly diagnosed as ADHD, but have not taken one psychotropic since 1998. Again, I'll expand on this at a latter and more relevant time.

Speaking of the "Id, Ego, and Superego" -- if you have not seen "The Forbidden Planet"; then SEE IT! Classic Sci- Fi, and as a bonus it stars Leslie Nielson. Yes, the same guy in the movies "Airplane" and "Naked Gun" series. If you recall the scripture Romans 1:22, then you can see why this movie is such a gem.

See, this is why we call this "musings". This is "Brain Sex" at its best folks. You're getting to watch a real person think out loud here. And, more than that -- it's FREE! Not as good as "The Lord of the Rings:The Return of the King", mind you; but I didn't quite get the same budget. Speaking of LOTR:ROTK, I have not seen this yet; but really looking forward to it. I will post my impressions as soon as I have viewed it. Come to think of it, I just thought of something that is really worth posting and commenting on. It has to do with one of the actors of LOTR.

John Rhys-Davies has been quoted in a number of articles for saying some very extraordinary and (very off-hollywood) contentions. I think his best was captured here by Steve Beard. I have always enjoyed the characters he portrays especially as "Sallah" in the "Indiana Jones" series. There was always something about him that forced me to say, "This guy is the real thing". It would appear from his remarks in that article that he could be well qualified (probably much more than many today) to be a professor of history or political philosophy at a well regarded (which there are very few to speak of today) college or university.

INTERJECTION: Alright................. one hour to go! You see, that is what I live for in this current job of mine. Counting down the minutes to my first break, then counting down to my lunch period (which is usually and currently when most other "normal" people are sitting down to their dinner), then counting the "minisels" (what "Snoop Dog" says) to my last break, then finally counting down to the end of my shift. Sounds like a job to live for, eh? But, it is a job, and it's money; and I must bow down and thank the Creator for my good fortune for now, and pray for better times to come.

Back to John Rhys-Davies. This is a guy that is now on my "A" list of hollywood types that I would most want to meet and converse with. Along with Mel Gibson, Charleton Heston, "Awenold", Bruce Willis, and Chuck Norris to name unfortunately very too many few. Also just think about his father predicting the current "Islamofascists" war on the west in 1955! His dad must have been something else as well. Thank God for men like JRD. Because of men like him, the press is definitely getting the right scoop, but at the same time; I'm not sure if they're really listening or (more to the point) -- get it!

I think JRD quoted it best:

"What is unconscionable is that too many of your fellow journalists do not understand how precarious Western civilization is and what a joy it is.


"True democracy comes from our Greco-Judeo-Christian-Western experience. If we lose these things, then this is a catastrophe for the world."

While the ACLU is busy at it's foremost mission to remove every speck of evidence of our founding principles from public view, and while we were treated this year to a transvestite "Mrs. Claus" at the Macy Day parade; I'm wondering if any of us really get it! What's it going to take? 11 X 9-11s???

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Christmas Musings on the eve of Christmas Eve

Speaking of "Brain Sex", did anybody see the movie "Demolition Man" with Sly Stallone and Sandra Bullock? Do you remember that scene when they both put those devices on their heads? It has practically got to the point where it is slowly becoming illegal to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS"! People, I'm not sure what to think here; but right now I really fear for the future....

Since (as far as I know) it is still legal, I'm going to say this with all my heart and wish everyone reading this:


Christmas without Hanukkah?
Actually it's the other way around. Had the events that culminated in Hanukkah, "Feast of Dedication" never occurred; then it is very conceivable that we would NOT be celebrating Christmas today or ever! I think we who call ourselves Christians should pay even more attention to this so-called exclusive "Jewish" holiday:

Without Hanukkah, There Would Be No Christmas
Gregory J. Rummo

"The events leading up to the attempt by Antiochus to destroy the Jewish Nation, including the profanation of the Temple, were prophesied in vivid detail in the Old Testament book of Daniel. In the New Testament, the Feast of Dedication is mentioned explicitly in John's Gospel and was celebrated by Jesus and his followers."

I'll be in Cairo the rest of this night
Ok, I've got 15 minutes till the end of my shift and the Christmas holidays. No more blogging, reading, or even TV tonight. I'm going to get back to my game "Deus Ex:Invisible War". Like I said, I'll be in Cairo the rest of this night....

Monday, December 22, 2003

More HTML World

HTML is pretty cool, once you get the hang of it. Next, I get to play with colors! (yes I will try to keep inside the lines, and stay away from my sister and the cat's tail. Wait a minute -- I don't have a cat. What is that animal with the neon green tail, and why is it smiling at me? Got to go, I'm being chased.)

Nanotech and Crusades?

Ok, time for some REAL meat. I'm going to try and keep to my usual format that I used in my original email blogs.

Nanotechnology Warning???
This has a a very eerie parallel to Einstein warning FDR about Hitler's atomic (nuclear) program. Back then, whoever came up with the "bomb' first would rule the world. Thank God it was us, and not the Nazis or the Soviets. The same and potentially worse dilemma confronts us again regarding "nanotechnology" and "nano-superweapons". Will it be us, or the Chinese?

Will Eric Drexler Save the West From Nano Annihilation?
Lev Navrozov
Friday, Dec. 19, 2003

Lev Navrozov: columnist and journalist. One of the most brilliant minds in the world, according to many distinguished Westerners and Russians. Published over 1,000 columns and articles on the destiny of civilization, world culture, foreign policy, strategy, defense, and intelligence work since his emigration from Russia in 1972. Winner of the Albert Einstein Prize for outstanding intellectual achievements. Author of "The Education of Lev Navrozov" (Harper & Row, 1975), compared by the reviewers to Mark Twain, Proust, Orwell, Voltaire, and Dostoyevsky. More than twenty of his articles are in the United States Congressional Record.

For more Lev Navrozov, go to

So, where did this so-called "nanotechnology" come from? Did someone really just invent it, or did it literally fall into our lap? Or, more specifically onto one of our ranchers property in New Mexico? Hmmmmmmmmm......................? Could it possibly been from right here?

If the above is true, then our next question would be "where the heck did the Chinese get this research from?" From us? Did they steal this from us (along with a lot of other stuff), or did we just give it to them? (ala Clinton administration).............

This might also be helpful to this discussion:

An Interview on Nanoweapons
Lev Navrozov
Friday, Sept. 26, 2003

Now keeping on the topic of China, I'm going to throw you a complete curve. Now if this happens, things could really get interesting...........

The Chinese Christian Crusade
Jack Wheeler
Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2003

So, how could the above (if true coming to pass) square with the whole discussion of the threat of "nanotech" from these same Chinese? It is a very fascinating world we live in indeed!

The World of HTML

Whoohoo.............. I've really got this thing going now! HTML is really cool thing once you begin to understand it. Since work is really slow today (and this week), I have the time to figure all these things out. You know what? I think Blogger just changed it's engine again. I'll let you know later on if I think it is for the better.

No Flames -- Please

Alright, before anyone flames me about my spelling and grammar, I WAS NEVER A GRAMMAR MAJOR! I will try to do better in the future, but for now; give me a break....

Yes, I know there is a spell checker. I also know there is something called a razor! Yep, you got it. I am lazy. So, sue me!

Finally -- A Working Blogspot!

Ko (that's what Mork said for "OK"), I got this thing working now. Alright now, I finally did it! I've created my own blogspot due from insistent and persistent popular demand from my close circle of friends. I attempted this back in September, but it turned out pretty morbid. I will explain more on this later. My close friends pretty much know what I am talking about here, and know what I have been going through these past two years or so. Part of my purpose in finally doing this, is to provide an outlet for me to hopefully express my thoughts about what has been going on, and more importantly to try to put things in perspective.

I'm not really new at this. I have been "blogging" for some time now. Probably as long as I have had a personal email account which goes back some years. The only difference is that these blogs have been pretty much restricted to closed email list that mostly consisted of my close friends, some acquaintances, and some selected family. This is my first real public blog, so if your new here for the first time; Welcome!

Ok, your first question or musing is probably -- "Why Brain Sex?" Good question deserves a good answer. My first question back to you is, "Did it get your attention?" Good, that's part of the purpose. It's just a title. Mind you, not an original one. I have to give credit that there is already a book out called "Brain Sex". I have yet to read it, but the reviews look pretty good. It is basically about "brain chemistry", and how our brains work both within a male and female context. Yes, boys and girls, we ARE different! This book explains how and why.

Since this blog is primarily about myself and how I think, then in the context of the above stated; what I post now and in the future will give you an idea of how MY brain works. You won't be disappointed here. We are all unique creatures, but I'm REALLY unique! I will cover the gamut from geopolitics to music to UFOs to computer games to the humanities and beyond. I do not intend to post everyday. It depends on my mood, and if I think I have something really important to say and/or to report. I would like to try to post everyday, but don't count on it. So strap yourself in, and prepare for quite a ride....