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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Christmas Musings on the eve of Christmas Eve

Speaking of "Brain Sex", did anybody see the movie "Demolition Man" with Sly Stallone and Sandra Bullock? Do you remember that scene when they both put those devices on their heads? It has practically got to the point where it is slowly becoming illegal to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS"! People, I'm not sure what to think here; but right now I really fear for the future....

Since (as far as I know) it is still legal, I'm going to say this with all my heart and wish everyone reading this:


Christmas without Hanukkah?
Actually it's the other way around. Had the events that culminated in Hanukkah, "Feast of Dedication" never occurred; then it is very conceivable that we would NOT be celebrating Christmas today or ever! I think we who call ourselves Christians should pay even more attention to this so-called exclusive "Jewish" holiday:

Without Hanukkah, There Would Be No Christmas
Gregory J. Rummo

"The events leading up to the attempt by Antiochus to destroy the Jewish Nation, including the profanation of the Temple, were prophesied in vivid detail in the Old Testament book of Daniel. In the New Testament, the Feast of Dedication is mentioned explicitly in John's Gospel and was celebrated by Jesus and his followers."

I'll be in Cairo the rest of this night
Ok, I've got 15 minutes till the end of my shift and the Christmas holidays. No more blogging, reading, or even TV tonight. I'm going to get back to my game "Deus Ex:Invisible War". Like I said, I'll be in Cairo the rest of this night....


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