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Monday, December 22, 2003

Finally -- A Working Blogspot!

Ko (that's what Mork said for "OK"), I got this thing working now. Alright now, I finally did it! I've created my own blogspot due from insistent and persistent popular demand from my close circle of friends. I attempted this back in September, but it turned out pretty morbid. I will explain more on this later. My close friends pretty much know what I am talking about here, and know what I have been going through these past two years or so. Part of my purpose in finally doing this, is to provide an outlet for me to hopefully express my thoughts about what has been going on, and more importantly to try to put things in perspective.

I'm not really new at this. I have been "blogging" for some time now. Probably as long as I have had a personal email account which goes back some years. The only difference is that these blogs have been pretty much restricted to closed email list that mostly consisted of my close friends, some acquaintances, and some selected family. This is my first real public blog, so if your new here for the first time; Welcome!

Ok, your first question or musing is probably -- "Why Brain Sex?" Good question deserves a good answer. My first question back to you is, "Did it get your attention?" Good, that's part of the purpose. It's just a title. Mind you, not an original one. I have to give credit that there is already a book out called "Brain Sex". I have yet to read it, but the reviews look pretty good. It is basically about "brain chemistry", and how our brains work both within a male and female context. Yes, boys and girls, we ARE different! This book explains how and why.

Since this blog is primarily about myself and how I think, then in the context of the above stated; what I post now and in the future will give you an idea of how MY brain works. You won't be disappointed here. We are all unique creatures, but I'm REALLY unique! I will cover the gamut from geopolitics to music to UFOs to computer games to the humanities and beyond. I do not intend to post everyday. It depends on my mood, and if I think I have something really important to say and/or to report. I would like to try to post everyday, but don't count on it. So strap yourself in, and prepare for quite a ride....


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