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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Reaction to Open Letter

Getting some interesting feedback from my open letter to Rush. A lot of it quite shocking (what I expected), some supportive, and some very inquisitive of why and how I came to this decision. This is what I was really hoping for. To provoke this kind of discussion. One of my college buddies (let's call him AB) has really provided me a vehicle with his insightful questions and brutal comments. I was delighted to oblige him. Perhaps some of you others are asking the same questions.

First, not participating in what some former marine calls a mockery of a democracy is lazy and well, frankly, a horrible excuse. This is still the best nation on earth. Find me a better place and I will live there, seriously. Find me a place where I can say what I want in public and not get shot. Show me someplace where I can have no education and make money and own my own buisness. Even our so called allies and democracies like Canada and England are lesser countries. You sound like all of those liberals that were going to leave if Bush were elected. Too bad they didn't. Let's look at some of the benefits you get from taxes you don't like (I do not like ineffcient systems either, but..) roads to drive on, sewage systems to flush the comode, police and fire, I could go on....

AB you know one of the primary reasons I love you so much is because you are one of very few that will challenge me intellectually. I miss our debates in person over many beers. We don't always agree, but we sure do have fun. I do know that we truly appreciate each others views as diverse they sometimes pan out. AB, this did not come easy for me. It has germinated over several years. I'm not surprised by your shock and dismay. Understand that I was very much on your present wavelength not much less than a year ago.

You appear to be open to an honest debate. Man, I love you for that. This is a most positive sign I still see in you. I figure that if I was willing to challenge the "Maha Rushie", you would realize just how serious I am here. The former marine I speak of is Fred Reed. He is a Viet Nam vet, and unlike Kerry, he earned his Purple Heart and still has shrapnel in his eyes. We should listen to combat veterans. They know more about life than any of us can imagine. I could also introduce you to my friend only known to me by his handle "rhone." You see, rhone was in Laos before 1965. He was part of MACSOG/Air America. That was also known as CIA/Phoenix/MK-ULTRA. He is not proud of what he did back then, and he says that that still goes on today in the Middle East and elsewhere not much different from the british opium wars with China in the 1830s and our participation in the "Boxer Rebellion" of the 1920s. If none of these guys impressed you, then maybe you should read Maj Gen Smedley D.Butler's essay War is a Racket. You will notice that Gen Butler was awarded two (2) Congressional Medal of Honors. We should listen to men like this. I can also mentioned Adm Husband E. Kimmel's report on Pearl Harbor. Very revealing indeed. If Kimmel's report does not knock your socks off, then this report will!

To understand why I have come to the decision on this upcoming election, you really need to read Fred's column 243: "On Escaping Democracy." AB, you need to understand that our constitutional Republic began it's demise back in 1861. Some contend that it goes back as far as 1809 -- the prelude to the War of 1812. You wonder why men like Franklin called our republic the "Great Experiment." I guess they were way to mindful of Athens and Rome. It was pretty much sealed in 1971 with the suspension and subsequent abandonment of the gold standard. Reagan tried to revive it, but was not successful. If the Republic ever survived past this, then it definitely had the last nail driven in 1992. Nothing since has been able to revive it . In the meantime, we have been practicing a "wonderfully crafted pretense" of a democracy. Now both you and I know that "pure" democracy is an anathema. Just read Plato's "Republic." Ours votes do not count or matter any more, as much as we wish and thought that they did. My "not participating" is NOT an excuse. It IS a conscious choice. There is a a line in a song by Rush (the group). The song is "Free Will." The phrase is, "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." I know that the Republic is long dead. I am NOT going to continue to participate in a sham of a system. To continue to do so is not only foolish, but also very unhealthy both physically and mentally. We think all along, that we have been individually making a difference. Doing the same thing over and over and over again, and producing same or similar results is defined as insanity.

AB you know that I love this nation. At one time, I was willing to die for it. Guys like Fred, rhone, and Gen Butler have already spilled their own blood for it. I am still willing to die for the ideals of our founding fathers, but that can no longer be achieved within this current system. Don't call me a liberal unless you agree to preface that label with the word "classical." I will wear that label as a badge of honor. You want to talk about taxes, then you should closely examine both the LP and CP parties positions. Both pledge with honest intent to abolish all income, sales, and user fees and re-establish the founders original intent to fund the govt with import taxes alone. Both have pledge to abolish the IRS, the Federal Reserve, the Dept Education, et al. Too bad, that they will never get their chance. Their only real hope is to combine forces into one party. That could also never happen given the short amount of time. The powers that be will also not allow it. The best the GOP has done so far is lip service to the constitution and token tax breaks. This is with power in both houses, plus the executive and so far they have only demonstrated that they can outspend the Clinton administration. What are they waiting for? Time? We don't have any more time! The system is broken beyond repair. You are kicking a dead horse and commanding it to come back to life.

Define the deluted right wing? People of principle or nut cases? What do you have against them? I agree with the principles of the right wing, not all of the approaches this group takes.

The majority of the "right wing" has been deceived. I agree that they are certainly people of principle. If they have not been deceived within the GOP, those that decide to defect to the CP and some to the LP, in my view; continue to be deceived. I call these types "Success Christians." SS has his term "fundies." I don't think that they fully realize that they are advocating something much closer to a theocracy rather a "Jeffersonian Democracy." They don't realize that as much as they demonize the DNC for their spending programs, they are guilty for spending just as much. Just on "different" programs. To get a real perspective on this contention, one must take some time to digest the information on Antipas. Read the bio of the author, and you will be equally impressed with him along with the others mentioned above. He also put his life on line for his country.

You don't like Rush because he has M$???

I have never, ever agreed with Rush's position on M$ since the beginning. This is trivial and immaterial in my view. This was more tongue-and-cheek, and as relevant to the discussion that I have long hair.

What does the 911 video say, I could not open it.

I apologize for not being able to view the videos. I have notified the web site of those problems. The only other way is to purchase the video. Everything has a cost and cannot be provided free of charge. I got to view the video because SS knew someone at work who could provide copies for us. What I can provide for you at this time is the transcript of the David Schippers interview. It's too bad that the audio file is inaccessible at this time. This alone was to me the most compelling aspect of the total presentation. I tell you what. If Alex Jones and company had the resources available to Rush, believe me that a lot more people would have access to this information.

Rush is aiding the enemy, show me evidence of that?????? You lost me there..........

The best way to demonstrate Rush unknowingly aiding the enemy, is to first define who is the enemy. The evidence of that is contained in the documentaries.

Some of the founders wanted import taxes, many othere did not.

A republic can only properly function on voluntary taxation. This is how you insure limited and only necessary government. The fact that the republic was functioning properly without income, sales, or property taxes is proof of this. This "fair tax" movement is useless and only "window dressing" as long as the Federal Reserve still exists. As long as "the beast" exists, it must have food. You either kill the beast or it's food supply. Since we coexist on that same food supply, you must kill the beast. Read The Federalist Papers. Listen to people like Joe Banister (former IRS enforcement agent). I have attached a .pdf file about taxation written 50 years ago that is still most relevant today. This is the best treatise on taxation I have read thus far that explains just where we went wrong.

Basing our economic system on the gold standard does not make our nation, it is the people.

Huh? How do you base an economic system on people? People can only do three things. They can spend (consume), invest, and save. They don't make up the system, they can only take advantage of it for good or bad. That is just like saying that people make or guide a nation, not the constitution. Yes, it is "We the People", however we are not governed by a majority (democracy), but by a constitution (republic). This is why we are virtually no longer a "republic", because we have practically discarded the constitution; and at best have only paid lip service to it for longer than both of us have been alive combined. Milton Friedman (responsible for advising Nixon to suspend the gold standard) admitted in June 2003 at age 91 that it was a grave mistake to abandon the gold standard. Paul Volker resigned as Fed chairman because he and Reagan did not see eye to eye on the gold standard. If you read Greenspan's works prior to becoming Fed chairman, you will definitely see that he was indeed a "gold bug." What he has been doing since, defies description and logic. One theory is that he sees the "writing on the wall", and is simply hastening the collapse.

I did not call you a liberal, just said you were acting like some of them.

Depends on how you define a liberal. Classical liberalism is a godly virtue. Men like Walter Williams, Freidrick Hayek, and Ludwig Mises are/were liberals in the "classical" since. The liberal of today is better defined a leftist, socialist, or communist in the purest sense. A lot of what the liberals charge against GWB and the "neocons", in my view, is correct. The problem with "conservatism" today is that it has been hijacked by the neocons. The neocons are not much different than fascists, or more correctly "corporatists." These are also defined as "statists." Not at all different from the "mercantilists" of Adam Smith's day. Too much of the "conservative" movement today has been succumbed by the "status quo." Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, are prime examples along with Fox News. They are all cowards in my view because no one is talking about China (PRC). They are so deluded because they believe that GWB and the GOP will really do something about them, but don't realize that not only will Bush and company not do anything, but are in fact part of the problem; and even more are aiding and abetting our sworn enemy. I will forward a correspondence I sent to Lev Navrozov recently to illustrate my point. [posted at end of discussion]

Also, those who choose not to participate get what they invest, be it marriage or government. We still have a system that provides a platform for change, just look at MADD.

AB, I would not use MADD as an example. For all the good they may be accomplishing, they are subconsciously heading us back towards prohibition. We all remember where that got us. For the same reasons, the problems with the "War on Drugs." Again, I fervently disagree. The system has become so corrupted, it is beyond repair and salvation. We have to start all over from our founding. Just like a house that has rotted and become dilapidated, it is far more cost effective to demolish and rebuild from scratch. Allow me to let one of our founders speak for himself:

"Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.

I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past. And judging by the past, I wish to know what there has been in the conduct of the British ministry for the last ten years to justify those hopes with which gentlemen have been pleased to solace themselves and the House."

- Patrick Henry

Substitute the GOP for British Ministry. I would include the DNC, but it left the reservation ages ago.

You come across as fatalistic. If that is the case why try to stop sinning. I know I am going to sin so just give up.

You mean a fatalist? I have certainly not given up on the war, but there comes a point when you realize that you have lost the battle. Rommel certainly came to that realization. He realized that there is the battle involving the flesh (temporal), but that the war is always about the soul (eternal). He paid the ultimate price for that decision. Is it any wonder that his grandson, Manfred, is an honorary citizen of London?

Please provide examples of spending programs the right wing wants.

Come on AB, we both know that both parties elect their representatives to "bring home the bacon." Whether this be on the right or the left. The problem is not as much the programs per say, but the way the spending is procured to begin with. If we did not have so much to spend in the first place, the problem would be solved for both sides equally. Again the root of this problem goes back to the Federal Reserve and our Income Tax. As long as this anathema exists, both sides (parties) will abuse it equally.

My time is limited so I cannot watch all of the material. So, how is Rush helping the enemy and who is the enemy? I say the enemy is us. We are the ones that have left God's side and have decided to do things our way. Which leads me back to the Right Wing. These folks are the ones that have decided to take up and live God's command and accept Christ's forgiveness. Are there some churches in this group that preach success BS, you bet. That has been around since the dawn of the church.

If you want to identify a sworn enemy, it is (in my view) the PRC, more than anything else including militant Islam. It was the USSR and the PRC at one time. Russia could still come back. A closer examination will show that "opportunistic Islamics" are only tools, or surrogates of the PRC. Read Unrestricted Warfare for clarification. I fear, that the PRC is also a "surrogate" of another larger and powerful entity that will only be discarded when their usefulness is deemed no longer necessary. The proof (in my view) is their same reliance on the very same fiat money system that we and Japan also rely on at present. The PRC only at this time appears to be using it to their better advantage. But, this will change for them as well in due time. The forwarded email to Lev will better amplify on this. [posted at end of discussion]

Yes the enemy is us. Only because we continue to put our head in the sand. As the saying goes, "You are your own worst enemy." The scripture at the end of the open letter definitely points to that conclusion. Perhaps I have been too hard on the right wing. But, in my view, I still see way too many of them "putting their heads in the sands" or (quite noblably) trying to put out a house fire not realizing that the water is running out; or worse yet that someone else is cutting the lines Again, Steve Shearer at Antipas speaks to this far better than I ever can. His revelations and contentions shake even my spine!

I am simply disappointed that you would give up on our system. I still ask you to show me a better system, one that provides a platform for worship, entrepenuership and more? I will move to that country. Also, I still have not seen evidence that the Right Wing has been deluded. By whom and give me examples.

I'm sure you're disappointed. I'm saddened as well. But again, there comes a point when you realize that the battle is lost. You don't give up on the war. Your soul (not the body) is what is at stake here. Understand that we are at war ultimately with demonic forces. Also understand that what is at stake here, is not just "the republic", but western civilization as we currently know and understand it. What used to be called "Christendom." The better system is a "Constitutional Republic." We have lost that. What we have today is a "Corporatist State." Mussolini coined that term. It is also known as Fascism. We soon could become a military dictatorship. Been watching and listening to the good general Tommy Franks lately?

If you understand what the PRC has been doing to us, then you also understand that the only safe place would be the moon; or two miles under the ocean. The right wing has been deluded because it continues to put their faith in the GOP. Even the LP and CP realize that they don't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting any real power to make any effective change. If they do, then they're really deluded. What is the solution? Not sure there is one considering the PRCs death grip on us. I think we should get to know the prophet Daniel a lot better, and understand how the children of Israel survived the Babylonian and Assyrian captivities. To understand why they pleaded for a messiah. We should be looking for solutions from heaven, not on this planet.



I was perusing NewsMax and noticed you have not been publishing many articles lately as you have in the recent past. I also find it interesting that under your name is not listed as it also has been in the recent past. When you do a search and look at Additional Archives: and click on Columnists, I also noticed that your name is nowhere to be found. I recall in a previous correspondence that you were expressing concern about being dropped by NewsMax. Tell me that this has finally not happened. I know your views on Bush, and I do share them the same. But tell me this. Why have they not also dropped Paul Craig Roberts? He is certainly no Bush fan, or friend of the neocons. Just looking for a clarification on the matter.

It appears that from your last column that you may have hit a bit of a breakthrough. I hope that your dialog with Brian Sefton produces more fruit. Also, that many others exchanged business cards with you is promising. Despite all this apparent good news, I have a real concern here. We all know that some of our best intelligence comes from private investment firms and think tanks. I'm sure you know that Bill Casey when recruited for the OSS during WWII, came out of Wall Street along with many others. On the subject of China (PRC), please allow me to bring you to the attention of this advertisement:

This is from Strategic Investment. Ignore the investment advice and sales pitch if you like, but don't ignore the intel on China. Much of this comes from Unrestricted Warfare. I don't see how this is refutable. Just go into your nearest Walmart for confirmation. Even if we could fund a Manhattan Project on Nanotech, we would have to do it with fiat money. This would further bankrupt us. I guess what I am saying here, is even if we could come to [as what Bill Joy would call] GNR (Genetic, Nanotech, Robotic) parity with China; they would still have us by the balls financially. I fear this is why it appears that all the elites including Bush are running scared and preparing for a conditional surrender. At least for them. As you say in your book:

"...and in due time so that George W. Bush will live happily ever after in the global Hong Kong as a reward for his having done nothing to prevent the Chinese development of Superweapon No. 3 to take over or annihilate the West--preemptively."

So, am I missing something here? Based on what I have found thus far, I don't see how we can win except for the grace of God! If you know something I and others don't, I would sure like to know. What does your friend Bill West have to say? We all could sure use some good news. Is there really any?

All the best

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Open Letter to Rush

Previous to this post, several months ago I thought I had composed and published my most important message to date. Well, something even more important has risen that I feel compelled to communicate. I cannot conceive anything else topping this. But, you know I could be wrong. I first composed this primarily for Rush Limbaugh. Then forwarded it to my close circle of friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances. I also copied Alex Jones as it will eventually concern him and his possible future. Now I must share this with the rest of the world to best of my God-given ability.

After reading this, I'm sure there will be some of you (hopefully not a lot of you) that finally come to the conclusion that I have finally lost it and left the reservation. This is why I am communicating to all of you in such a way. If I can persuade Rush Limbaugh to my present "frame of mind", then I can possibly convince many others. My intention is not to scare people, but to inform them for their best good. I with the highest conviction think (and feel) that this composition is my finest work to date; and possibly my most important contribution to fellow humankind.

I think (and feel) that the difference for me verses a lot of you, is that I have been broken (financially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually) and pushed out of my comfort zone. I know that there are some of you who already feel (and think) as I do. You have not been necessarily "push out" of your comfort zone in the same manner as I have so far experienced, but by the grace of God have been enlightened. God manages each of us in his own unique and special ways.

I want to make it clear that I love each and every one of you. This is why I am performing this most difficult and possibly self alienating action. I do understand that it may take some time for a lot of you. Some more than others. Also understand my dear friends that time is extremely and crucially short. My fervent prayer is that each and everyone of you will, if not at first, adhere to this message; but at least listen with an open mind, be intellectually honest with yourself, and pray to our Father in heaven for wisdom and guidance in digesting this words.

In Christ's love

P.S. If you are impressed with my presentation, please do pass this on to any you feel who would benefit from this.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: An Open Letter from a former "Dittohead"
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2004 07:45:49 -0500
From: fooser77

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety...


I have been meaning to compose this for some time now. I keep putting it off, because I feel (and think) that my efforts will just be fruitless and futile. However, recent events have convinced me that I should at least attempt this; or I will never know and sleep knowing that I performed a duty commanded by my God, to my country, and my fellow man.

I first learned and heard your radio show in October 1991. At that time, I was attracted to you because you seemed to literally take my own words out of my mouth and proclaim them to the world. Grant it, you ARE entertaining; but I was even more so mesmerized by your intellectual content. I was a devoted listener since. I was a charter subscriber to your newsletter, and constant viewer of your web site. I have bought and read both of your books, and made every effort to watch your T.V. show back in the days when it was broadcasted. In fact, I still have a thermal coffee mug that says:

"Why I'm a Conservative
lower TAXES

I am an Eagle Scout, and also a former U.S. Marine. My MOS was in Communications/Intel/CIT/Infantry with a Top Secret clearance. I was never a registered republican, but have voted for the GOP candidate since my first with Reagan to the last election for GWB. I will not be voting for the GOP candidate this coming election. I am certainly not voting for the DNC. I have considered voting 3rd party for either the LP or CP candidate, but have currently decided to take the advice of another brilliant and wise former marine and to no longer participate in this mockery of a democracy and republic.

Well Rush, I guess I have just floored you with my graphic display of insolence and putrid indifference to my homeland. The one thing that I always admired about you was the insistence that you engendered your audience to THINK for themselves. That we were not just a bunch of "mindless robots." Speaking of robots, I just recently viewed "I, Robot." It is interesting that the movie portrays one character who in the end does not think like a robot, and also happens not to be a human being. That is, flesh and blood as we currently know it.

I want to make my point known here, but I also do not want to come off "long winded." I could write an elaborate essay on why I have come to this decision, but I just want to keep this as much as possible an open letter to a dear friend and colleague. I gather that you have now come to the realization that I am no longer the devoted listener and follower I once was. I feel it is only fair to you to explain myself, and more importantly to persuade you to not only come around to my contentions and belief; but to eventually become a blaring trumpet to the world proclaiming this same truth.

Rather than throw barbs at you for why I believe you have sold out to the founding principles of this nation, and have become a shill for the GOP and the deluded conservative right-wing; I will simply present my case for why I have allowed and decided my conditioned world view to be turned upside down. Believe me, this did NOT come easy. As a matter of fact, I have come to this decision just within the last several months. I believe that this present "frame of mind" I now possess, has been germinating since I chose to separate from the USMC.

As I said before, you were a mouthpiece to the world displaying my present "frame of mind" and collection of values and principles. If I wanted to describe myself to others, I simply mentioned that I was a devoted listener and subscriber to your professed ideals. (less your views on M$) Of course, I had/have long hair and prefer jeans and t-shirts to suits; and live to hear progressive metal music. (what you would call an "FM maggot-infested type") Rush, I am and have always been a patriot of the first order. I am still bound by my oath as a Scout and Marine to defend my country from all enemies "foreign and domestic." I do not see you as the enemy, but I do see you aiding and abetting the enemy (even as this could present itself subconsciously). I don't fault you for this. Hell, I wasn't much different a year ago and was still a devoted GOP supporter. I simply believe that you, unlike my present self, have yet to be successfully pushed out of your "comfort zone." Believe me, being pushed out of your comfort zone, must be a conscious choice; and not coerced.

Displaying a litany of evidence of why I have to my decision would not only become time consuming for myself, but also self-defeating in keeping your attention. In the same way I chose to allow you to proclaim my values to the world, I will also let another proclaim my present convictions to you. Believe me, when I first viewed the excerpts of this about a year ago; I was not ready to be pushed out of my comfort zone. I was so disturbed by this revelation, that I simply ignored it up until about the last couple of months. The content and evidence is devastating in itself. What I could not accept and believe for myself at the time, was the primary and most credible source. Someone that I have held to high esteem ever since I was made aware of him. If he was espousing these claims and contentions, then I had no logical and intellectually honest reasons for not believing them myself. This was my primary obstacle at first. Not the content as much as the messenger.

The author of these presentations is a local broadcaster (here in Austin) who is also quite world famous in some circles. I first experienced him on our local access channels about 10 years ago. At first, I thought that this guy was just some self-serving megalomaniac who could not survive life without some sort of constant media attention. I thought that eventually he would just go away and loose significance for the "blow-hard" he was. 10 years later, not only has he not gone away, but substantially has increased in significance, stature, and credibility. In fact, this is how a BBC correspondent describes him:

" this guy is a national treasure, a light breaking through the electronic Berlin Wall of the US media establishment."

You may have heard of this guy Rush, his name is Alex Jones. You know, he is a lot like you. Controversial, riveting, and quite entertaining. I would not doubt that he consider you as one of his primary influences. The difference is his message. He is said to work up to 20 hours per day. Talk about dedication. Some might charge him with misguidance, but certainly not with sophistry and perfidy. He has in no way enjoyed your measure of wealth and influence, and probably never will. He is also a very proficient photographer, interviewer, and producer. If he sold out on his values, he would probably be a very wealthy man today.

The best way to be introduced to Alex is what he does best -- documentaries. Michael Moore could only wish that he was this good. I believe that his documentary "911: The Road To Tyranny" is his best introduction to what both Alex and now myself believe. Rush, I challenge you to throw away your life-long preconceived biases and to intellectually and honestly view this video. I have heard your views in the past on these revelations, and quite honestly, I do not believe that you are being intellectually honest with yourself (nay subconsciously). If you can present evidence to refute the contentions of this presentation, then I will gladly come back to you as a devoted listener; and not only vote for GWB, but gladly register myself as a life-long GOP member. I will announce to the world, that I have been horribly deceived; and confess to my misplaced paranoia.

Now, this is the kicker. As you view this video, you will encounter someone that I know that you have already been fairly intimately introduced. This is the man (the messenger and source) that at first cause so much cognitive dissonance with myself. I recall you actually interviewing him on your show back in 1995/96. This man is David Schippers. Yes, the "old democrat" from Chicago who was the independent prosecuting attorney for the House during the Clinton impeachment. My admiration and respect of him is largely what caused me to turn. Rush, I know that you know Mr. Schippers far better than I or any other "joe-sixpack" American on the face of this planet. If you respect him, and his knowledge and wisdom; then like me you should also respect and adhere his most pertinent and vital message for us all! If Alex combined with Mr. Schippers and others does not convince you, then I fear that nothing else will.

Rush, I fervently pray to my Lord and Savior that this presentation will successfully push you out of your comfort zone; and energize you with possibilities for the free world like it has never, ever experienced to date. Rush, you are a giant. I am still deeply impressed with your humility as describing yourself as "talent on loan from God." If the NWO truly has a desperately and crucially limited window, then your God-given talent could be a force this world has yet to reckon with. This is my prayer, my hope, and belief. I know that you would be well aware that if you decide to change your convictions, that there will definitely be a price to be paid. Remember this, we are NOT to store riches here on earth; but in heaven.

God bless you

Cpl, USMC (former)

f my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

- 2 Chronicles 7:14