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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Little Treat in the Interim..

"Rulers of Evil," may be getting harder to find and procure for oneself. However, there is still hope on the horizon. Efforts to engineer an e-book version are still underway. There are some individuals who still have extra copies of their own to distribute to ones who really wish to read, absorb, and digest ROE's precious morsels. If one does enough of a thorough search on the web, there apparently are still valued copies available for those who choose to dig.

In the meantime, I have just been made available a unique treasure. After the publishing of ROE, Saussy began work on a sequel tentatively entitled "Gods For The Godless." (GFTG). Unfortunately, Saussy never published a finished work prior to his death. However, Saussy did "leak out" teasers to select ROEders beginning after 9/11/01. It should be added here, that the HarperCollins edition of ROE was just released prior (weeks) to 9/11. And then, soon after that eventful date, HC decided to cancel ROE. ROE never had a chance to get beyond a first printing. It was first released under another publisher, Ospray Bookmakers, in 1999 to a very limited printing and a much higher retail price ($50.00) to the more mainstream HC price of $19.95. That edition (still available at Tupper's site) would be considered a "collectors edition" for the so inclined.

Tupper in ROE last only mentioned current/world events only up to the Waco incident in 1993. Since right after 9/11, ROEders would email Tupper, hammering him for perspective since those eventful hours, and days. Tupper began responding to his audience beginning in Dec. of that very same year. I don't think Tupper ever envisioned or meant to do a sequel post ROE. However, it appeared that 9/11 events and post that to the beginnings of the second Gulf War would soon demand it. His first installment, "Abiding in Religious War: Useful Knowledge About the Attack on America," appeared to be the beginning of what hoped to eventually be GFTG. I have just been made available to this draft via another dear ROEder, and now present to the public for their enrichment. Hopefully, more installments will be discovered by same in his archives, and thus made available to me and my audience in due time.

I must also point out, that prior to Tupper's new website, in his original "Museum," Tupper made available an excerpt to GFTG entitled, "Designer Villains." If one goes to the link still today under the archived Museum, they will find it nowhere to be found. Well, I had the wisdom to archive that for myself and others, and can now also provide this to you as well. For those who are not fortunate enough to procure ROE for themselves at this particular time, I do offer these as tidbits and teasers until either you can do so, or the e-book can finally be realized. I might just say that they certainly are not substitutes for ROE. However, in light of current times and events, these are most valuable within and of themselves. As good as they are, they nevertheless will "wet" your appetite for the main course, which is undoubtedly ROE. That is until it is determined if GFTG is still viable to be a finished work by some fortunate surrogate ROEder. Let us hope on all of these accounts. Our prayers go to those who have yet to be made aware of ROE, and Tupper's legacy.