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Monday, June 05, 2006

In Response to Calls for an Encore

Recently on The History Channel, on the series Digging for the Truth, host Josh Berstein (CEO/owner of Boulder Outdoor Survival School) embarked to test three primary pillars of contention in Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code (DVC). For those who have read the book, these three claims are the existence of the Priory of Scion, evidence and record of Jesus and Mary Magdelene's marriage in the Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes, and evidence of Jesus and Mary's DNA transmitted over the centuries via the royal bloodline of the Merovingians (France 475 - 750 A.D./C.E.) In the series when these claims are put up to brutal scientific inquiry, especially DNA testing of Merovingian Queen Aregonde's remains, Brown's claims come up very, very wanting. Brown was wise to write his supposed tome as fiction in the form of a novel. For if he ever endeavored to claim this as fact, instead of being the celebrity he enjoys today, he would be a laughing stock.

Nevertheless, Brown is a multi-millionaire via combined sales of his book, the feature film, and now -- the video game. After all is said and done, people (the masses) prefer lies to the truth. It is one thing to write fiction in the form of novel in order to educate. That is the story, setting, and characters are fictional; but the thesis is based on facts. For example, I present to you The Ahriman Gate, and The Facade. But, it is entirely another to write fiction knowing full well that it could never, ever be presented as fact. Knowing full well that it is practically a piece of cake to make a buck (millions) off the engineered depravity and ignorance of the general populace. Ain't America great! This is capitalism at it's best.

Contrast the above stated with another literary work. This work similar to DVC speaks of something not entirely evident to the general populace. Call it a conspiracy if you wish. If it is a conspiracy, it is only because and a direct symptom of the above mentioned engineered depravity of mass minds. The difference here, is that this particular work claims to not be fiction. In fact, it boldly claims to be fact based on arduous research of some 15+ years. Readers of this combination work of history, government, and biblical theology have described it as "In the spirit of Ellul and Tolstoy... a powerful and haunting book that will challenge your perception of authority and make you rethink the last 400 years of history... fours years of post-graduate work at a university that should, but does not exist... essential knowledge for which we have been waiting these last six thousand years... will shock your sense of history as no other contemporary book can..." Can DVC make these claims? Can DVC cause difficulty to "restrain the enthusiasm which this work engenders in the reader?" Not on your life.

For all the praise given to this work, why is it not a bestseller? Simple, for the very same reasons that DVC is. Also, it did not help that this work first published in 1999, and enjoying some measure of success had the plug literally pulled on it shortly after 9/11. You see, the original publisher of this work was HarperCollins. Guess who the owner of this publisher is? That's right, Rupert Murdoch. The same guy who is responsible for Fox T.V. Network, and most prominently The Fox News Channel. Does anything more need to be explained here? To be sure, I will present you with the author's of this fine and absolutely timeless work own blog to amplify in a more superior way of what I myself have been trying to convey thus far.

In response to my apparent few but devoted listeners and fans, the above synopsis is why I have been so silent on my own blog since my blockbuster "Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh." Recently, I re-read that "open communique" to myself to see just how much my mind has been even more educated, purified, and refined by further critical inquiries. I would have to say that since that time, over the span of the last two years, my mind has been exercised and developed to the point of at least 12 times that. I will have to owe that in large part to the combination of fervent prayer, more exacting and critical reading of the Old and New Testaments, and the discovery and reading of one book -- Rulers of Evil.

Why is this one book so significant to me, and why has the continuing comprehension it engenders made it difficult (nay, next to impossible) to communicate effectively with others? Allow me to demonstrate this via another reader's observations:

"I'm finding it increasingly difficult to discuss current events with people who haven't read it."

Let me go one further. I find it "next to impossible to discuss anything with people who haven't read it." So there, maybe you all now understand my apparent silence at my own blog. So, for me to continue effectively at my own blog, I will now require all who wish to converse with me here and expect further comment from me on "matters of the world," to at least complete one reading of ROE, and pledge to read two or more in the future. Tom Bell (fellow Texan from the good vicinity of Magnolia) has already communicated to me that he has read ROE thrice! Whew..... That's better than me, for I am still in the process of my second reading. Any further posting by said blogmaster will only commence when I determine that the majority of my listernership has read and comprehends ROE at least once through. We must all be on the "same sheet of music" before it is of any more value to proceed hence. If this can be achieved, I plan to invite the author Saussy himself to join this blog and our discussions.

Vox Day in his column "God's Plan For America," asks the rhetorical, "does He in fact have a plan?" Yes, He most definitely does. In Jesus' paradoxical "Not peace, but a sword..." Saussy in a similar vein reveals history and exegetical evidence from scripture that our Lord Creator has put into place via our Christian founders and fathers of America, devices in our founding documents and codes, embedded but not necessarily concealed or hidden for the "children of God" to live according to his will. The beginnings of this instruction is contained in Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies.

Let's get cracking people...