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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Peter Fleming's Foreward

[Reprinted for the benefit of those who are still considering the entire book]

Whether or not it's appropriate for a literary agent to write his client's Foreword, I don't know. If I'm breaking the rules here, well, this a rule-breaking book. Example. During last spring's Bookexpo in Los Angeles, I agently introduced my client, Tupper Saussy, to one of New York's most unshockable publishing executives. As Tupper articulately summarized Rulers of Evil for him, I personally witnessed the brow of this fearless executive develop a twitch. I saw him actually gulp. With my own ears I heard him say, "This is a little too extreme for us."

The twitch developed as Tupper was saying "the Roman Catholic Church really does run the world, including the United States government, and this is openly declared in monuments and emblems and insignia as well as official documents..." By the time Tupper calmly reached the payoff -- "And this is good, because it's divinely ordained" -- the exec was staring into space.

All right, Rulers of Evil is extreme. (Does that frighten you?) It was researched and written during a decade of flight that probably saved the author's life from vindictive federal authorities. I wanted to represent this book from the moment I read the first draft back in 1993, completely unaware that its author could claim the classic Miracle on Main Street as his own. (Tupper Saussy's identity was not revealed to me until his capture in 1997. He can keep a secret.)

Like no book I've seen in my thirty years of literary-agenting, Rulers of Evil lays out who's really who in world power, pegs them evil (about as evil as the rest of us, more or less), and then explains how spiritual wickedness in high places works for the ultimate good of mankind. It's the book about conspiracies that doesn't advocate throwing the bums out.

Rulers of Evil is almost a self-help product. The useful knowledge it imparts reveals the world structure as it really is. Once we can see, our choices increase, our pathways widen, and our lives improve.

But don't expect a breeze. Parts of the book are so rich in historical detail that your brain might fell overburdened. When that happens, just flip to more readable parts. Or study the pictures. My client doesn't mind being read casually, back to front, front to back, middle out, a few pages at a time. Enjoy freedom of movement. If a chapter doesn't fit today's mood, find another one that does. Use a bookmark, or the dustjacket flaps.

Ultimately, you'll get it all. And when you do, I predict you'll be a different person. You'll have a new worldview, one shaped by evidence that has never been assembled quite this way before. I can say this with confidence because Rulers of Evil is still influencing my own life, having begun in me a process of answering many of the heretofore unanswerable questions of our time.

Peter Fleming
The Peter Fleming Agency