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Monday, September 11, 2006

What's in a Signature?

Well, now that everyone is developing a keen eye for the subtle details, entreat yourself to the following. These are two clips taken from the video game Tomb Raider: Legend. The first is a quick overview. See if you can identify the "esoteric candy."

Ok, grant it, the quality is not as sharp as we would like it to be and the wide angle does not help us much either. I must admit that this serves more of a teaser than anything else. So, in this second clip we zoom in to the feature attractions.

Did you catch them all? Let's test everyone's sense of observation and see who can identify them all in the comments. The next question we ask here, is this strictly an artist's rendering? That could explain a lot of things here in terms of why we see so many objects of interest in one place or "shot." However, in the game, this local is in Peru. More and more games these days are "rendered" against actual locations. If this is a rendering of an actual town square somewhere in Peru, the even more intriguing this gets. Just what is Eidos and Crystal Dynamics trying to convey or communicate here?