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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Some of the Most Important Words that You Will Ever Hear!

I mentioned back in the beginning that I would try to post as often as possible. As it is that the last time I posted was Dec. 31, 2003 -- it would seem that I really like to play with my own rules to their ultimate flexible limit. I also mentioned back on Dec. 26, 2003 that I was struggling to decide if I really had anything really important to report, and if I had; would I still actually have the necessary energy to report it. My last post on Dec 31, 2003 still conveyed the fact that I am still suffering from multiple forms of emotional exhaustion and just needed to laugh.

Well, the last is still very true -- if not even more true today. I'm still quite tired for multiple reasons. However, I feel (and think) there is something extremely important to report here. Believe you me, there are many issues of importance that deserve our collective attention. There is certainly the concern about our economy. Especially for myself and others like me in the high-tech field who are trying to understand why we can't find good jobs anymore, or even the training to enhance our skillset. What is going on with this fad about "offshoring" or "outsourcing"? Why is our current president promoting the idea of open borders with Mexico? And many others things of this nature. These are important for us to understand, however; there are some issues in this life that I feel (and think) are far more important. In fact, this issue may just be the beginning of answers that we have been seeking for the others above stated. I first communicated this to a select group of friends and family via a series of three emails. Now I need to tell the rest of the world what I have stumbled upon. I will begin in the same manner that I first communicated to the above select group:

[Originally composed and sent between Jan 23 and 29, 2004]

Subj: OMG!!! or WTF???

Greetings friends, family and neighbors:

I will probably eventually post this in some format to my blogspot of which some of the following info is briefly and summarily presented, but for the immediate now; I must communicate this to key people I know and associate with or have associated with in the recent past. I implore, I mean implore everyone to pass this information to anyone and everyone who you deem ready and capable to not only comprehend; but really appreciate this info. Please, let us be careful here and not share this as "pearls to swines".

[deep breath]

Aside from reading the Old and New Testaments, their commentaries, study guides, dictionaries, and the humanities (secular classics); the following information I am about to present to you for your voluntary consumption, possible enrichment, and absolute fascination (wow factor) may indeed be the most important words your brain digests from this present time until the expiration of our collective human existence.

I'm not a father and am not sure if I will ever be blessed with children. However, I am the uncle of three beautiful nieces and two very sharp and handsome nephews. Until our gracious Lord decides whether or not to bless me with my own children, these are my progeny. I want these precious souls to enjoy the freedoms that they have so far enjoyed in their youth (that we have also enjoyed in our youths and presently in our adulthood) to continue to look forward to those same freedoms in their future adulthood.

In hypothetically picturing myself as a father and protector of my family (both immediate and extended), I would want to do everything in my God-given power to guard and protect that family from any possible harm or danger from forces seen, or those forces "yet to be seen". As a U.S. Marine, I took an oath to guard and protect my country from all enemies (present and future) both foreign and domestic. Although I am no longer an active marine, I am still bound by that oath; and will continually be until my mortal death.

I cannot at present fight with an M-16A4, but I can fight with information. In fact, proper information is our best and only effective weapon that every concerned American can fight with at this present time. As you will eventually come to realize, M-16A4s together with the very finest men who wield them and any other future assault weapon will become completely irrelevant in the face of the coming challenge upon us.

Imagine a device(s) that can render the best current offensive and defense weapons systems (nuclear and non-nuclear) completely ineffective and absolutely obsolete. Imagine that same device(s) being developed and wielded by someone outside and completely hostile to "greco-roman-judeo-christian western civilization" as we presently know it. Now, no longer imagine what I just described, because this is NOT fantasy. This is happening right now under our noses.

Remember that Hitler began pursuing the development of an atom bomb in 1938. Einstein, who defected to the US before that time had been kept apprised by his colleagues still in nazi Germany of Hitler's aims. Einstein then wrote a letter to FDR in 1942 to warn of Hitler's aspirations and current developments. Thus the beginning of the "Manhattan Project" and our eventual race to complete the bomb before Hitler.

Also remember Admiral Nimitz's view that the victory at the "Battle of Midway" was directed by a "divine hand". That we, outgunned two to one, destroyed Imperial Japan's four best aircraft carriers of that present time. Some would say that it was "pure luck". Nimitz had a different and more reverent view. He later went on to say that he was not sure if "God was on our side", rather, were WE "on God's side". I think that we should really pay attention to that question especially even more today!

[a second deep breath]

I will continue this in a second email. For now, please digest carefully what I have presented to you thus far.....


First I apologize for leaving you hanging since 1/23/2004. I had to pause and think and pray about this some more before I continued. The subject line in this and the previous email is not just a catchy phrase. When I really decided to dig deep into this info I am about to reveal, this is exactly what I have been saying to myself. The more I dig into this info, the more I find myself repeating these phrases.

People, this is some revelation that I have stumbled upon. I must first warn you, that much of this info is very, very disturbing. It is starting to reshape my world view on many things. I did not come to this realization very easily. As a matter of fact, when I first came upon this body of info; I pretty much rejected much of it at first look at it's face value. It was too disturbing (and quite fantastic) for me to accept in one swallow. It has taken some time for me to assimilate to this info, and it may well take the same amount (or more) for those of you who choose to examine this for yourself.

This info is more than just info or real intelligence. It is practically an education in itself of true western civilization (what used to be called "Christendom") in opposition to other world cultures and philosophies. I always had a sense before I discovered this directly that this was always so. From my own studies of history and philosophy, I began to detect this may have been always occurring; but just could not put my finger on it in terms of a present and near future 21st century impact.

I believe that many people in the past have attempted to communicate this info, but simply none were successful in that they provided bits and pieces; but failed to complete the entire puzzle. There well may be only one person on this planet right now who has in fact accomplished this. I'm am not aware of anyone else at this time. Maybe that is why this person is not only being advised and counseled by Nobel prize laureates, but has in fact been awarded the Albert Einstein Prize for outstanding intellectual achievements. Let me give you an example:

"As for my book, Saul Bellow, possibly the greatest American novelist, a Nobel Prize laureate, a scholar, and a thinker, has defined the importance of it in a letter to me as follows:"

"I doubt whether you (or anyone) can restore the diminishing sight of what you call “the sightless and hence doomed” West. What one can attempt is to describe the condition in its fundamentals. This indispensable description if it is to be uncontestable will take more strength than any normal man has, for what we have is a probably fatal case of political poisoning, and the distortions and hallucinations it causes may be impossible to dispel. You must have more strength than any normal man has, or you would not have set yourself such a task."

I think the above quote in itself is a mouthful. I will have to admit that at first reading this person, that I did not quite like him (although I did have respect for him) because he was turning my present world view upside down. But, something else in the background was preparing me to accept this person the more that I read and tried to comprehend him. This author has been publishing on the internet since 2000, but I first ran across him in Feb. 2002 in his article about Osama bin Ladin. That is what first caught my eye. It turns out that he had been writing well before the internet back in the early to mid 70s. It also turns out that he wrote an article back in 1978 for Commentary magazine that was so extraordinary that President Reagan (governor of California at the time) requested and actually met with this person on matters of high importance of foreign policy and national security to prepare his first successful bid for the presidency. When I came across this fact, I began to really feel that this person was very genuine and someone I could trust; even though I still have some trouble swallowing some of his revelations.


I guess I will have to continue this in third email. Don't want to give everyone too much to swallow and digest at once. This information could very well determine if western civilization survives or not. This is NOT light reading, and not for the timid...


Ok, I understand that some of you are getting a little impatient and want me to get to the point. I understand that you have been tantalized enough by the appetizer and are ready for the main course. I was simply doing my best to not give too much info at once. Some of you have come back to me and asked who and what am I talking about. I have since then conversed with some of you, and let the cat out of the bag. Some of you I have prepared more than others on this list, so I was just trying to be fair and considerate to everyone concerned.

There is definitely a "who" and "what" here. First of all the "what". The "what" here is what we call "superweapon #3". Superweapon #1 is not gunpowder, but specifically the firearm. This allowed the common man to challenge and defeat, or at least come to parity with the noble class. Superweapon #2 is nuclear weapons. We came to them first and thereby ruled the world at least until 1949. Superweapon #3 is the weapon that will make #2 obsolete. This can either be via "biotechnology", or more likely via "nanotechnology". In nanotechnological terms, this device is called the "molecular nano assembler". It works by destroying matter at the atomic and sub-atomic levels. This sounds like science fiction, but IS utter reality.

The other realities are that the former Soviet Union was ahead of us in "superweapon #3" in biotechnology until 1989 when the USSR collapsed and Yeltsin revealed their program to the world in 1992. We quit our research and development of #3 in biotech in 1969 - 70 under President Nixon. Also, that the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) are now ahead of everyone in both biotechnology (they have already progressed on human cloning) and nanotechnology since 1986. If China successfully completes a "molecular nano assembler" before we do, then they will have the means to destroy western civilization as we currently know it. In other words, the U.S. and the free world is done!

The most disturbing matter here is not the potential weaponry or even the ones who will wield it against the West. The most disturbing matter here is the utter ambivalence of our present political leaders and leading scientists. In the same way that we were asleep in 1938 to Hitler's designs of nuclear domination, we are even more asleep today to the PRC's designs of total world domination. Einstein warned FDR in 1942 and awoken our sleep to the implications of "superweapon #2". We only had a four year deficit there, and were fortunate (by the grace of God) to catch up in time. The father of "nanotechnology" Eric Drexler attempted to communicate in a similar way to President Reagan in 1986, but Reagan was being ill served by his current national security advisor. So now, we are looking at an 18 year deficit in catching up on "superweapon #3".

That's the bad news. The good news is the "who", and thank God for him. The "who" is a russian emigrant who defected to the U.S. in 1972. He is now an American citizen living in New York. His name is Lev Navrozov. He is not a scientist, but a journalist and considered an expert on "post-nuclear superweapons". His first concerns were with soviet russian attempts at "superweapon #3 in biotechnology. Since the USSR's demise, his main focus is on the PRC's development of #3 in nanotechnology. To best introduce Lev's work to you is to point you to his most recent columns and his current book.

I first discovered Lev Navrozov via He has been publishing there since 2000. I myself discovered him in Feb 2002. Like I said in the previous emails, I did NOT warm up to him at first very easily. Some of his opinions and contentions are not going to be very popular with a lot of people at first bite and swallow. However, if you are a real "thinking person", then you will respect his contentions and let your mind open up to his wisdom.

Barry Farber is another NewsMax columnist who I feel can better introduce Lev to you, and why you should listen to him. His column of introduction is here.

Lev was just interviewed on Coast to Coast AM for three full hours. Like I said, I have been reading his columns since Feb 2002 (about two years), but had yet to hear him speak. He has been interviewed on radio programs in the past such as this one that could have gone better for him. He has also been on Barry Farber's radio show several times. I missed both of those, so when I heard that he was on Coast to Coast, I had to listen. I was not disappointed and utterly amazed even after reading him for two years. If you would like to hear him, then this show is archived and you can listen to it (providing you have a high-speed connection for best performance) for only $6.95 at this link. (make sure you cancel your subscription after the one month if you don't want to continue to subscribe)

His entire archive of columns on NewsMax is here. His latest column (1/29/2004) is his musings on his last interview on Coast to Coast AM. He is published here on every Friday. As you will see here, he speaks on much more than just "Nanotechnology" and superweapons. This guy did not win the Albert Einstein Prize for nothing. His articles are also published at

Finally, his book. This is his real gem. He has published other books such as this one, but this may be his coup de grace. Hopefully it will be for the enemies of the West. This is a unique work, because it has been completely (almost) published online. He pulls no punches here. As much as he informs, he also educates us on both the origin and significance of western civilization especially in contrast to those cultures who are diametrically opposed to it.

What is even more significant is that at first the subscription price to read it was $150.00 USD. He then lowered it to about half that, and then in the last month he has lowered it even more. In his own words:

" make my book accessible to students and high school pupils, we have reduced the price to $5 for reading the entire book. "

$5.00 USD to read the entire book published online in weekly installments. There are currently 42 installments published with the last four to be posted within the next month. The proceeds go to his non-profit corporation The Center for the Survival of Western Democracies. You can access his website which gives an outline of his book, and your choice to subscribe here. Once you read his brief outline and get into his introduction, then you will begin to understand why I titled these series of emails thus so.

To put this bluntly, this is serious business ladies and gentlemen. The best way for all of us to combat this threat is with information. Check this out for yourself (if you so choose), and if you decide that you can accept what Lev is trying to convey; then by all means -- please spread the word!

Best regards